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Do you feel stuck in detention when it comes to building wealth? If so, let’s make you the Financial Leader of the Class!

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All About Goals

Finances can be confusing. Here you can find clear information so you can take control and feel good about your money. ATRS's vision is to help educators, no matter what their circumstances, achieve greater financial wellbeing.

Save for a down payment on a house. Retire like a boss. Build wealth just because. Whatever your goals are, we’ll give you a customized plan to help you nail it!

Why Educators Deserve Better?

Each year more and more educators are forced back into the job market due to financial hardships brought on by shortcomings in their state retirement system. Sadly, many of these obstacles could have been easily overcome before retiring. After giving your best and making countless sacrifices you deserve to enjoy retirement on your terms.
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Your Earnings

ATRS is the only company with financial advisors that will consider your unique, lifetime salary curve when planning your future, not just your current salary.

Your X Factor

Saving shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter approach for educators. Educators have predictable time off and only get paid for the days they actually work, even though they often receive a paycheck throughout the year.

Your Life

We know you are looking forward to when you turn your Summer break into a permanent vacation. We explain your benefits and the downfalls the State Retirement System fails to mention. With ATRS, educators and all school personnel can remain retired and enjoy a long-lasting and well-deserved life after work.

Are dangerous “money myths” putting your retirement at risk?
Bust them—for free.

Bust Educator Money Myths

Educators Love ATRS

I would recommend ATRS.

Gigi Crowder
Assistant Principal, Roosevelt High School

School Districts Trust ATRS

These districts and many more, both independent and charter, already trust ATRS to provide outstanding financial services.

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ATRS entered the education market for one simple reason, there was no company or individual financial advisor informing teachers of their financial future with their best interest at heart.

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