“Fail to Plan….Plan to Fail” is a great saying that we live by at ATRS, LLC. Advisors within the ATRS, LLC. network will help you come up with a plan for a stress-free retirement.
Some Questions to Think About..
  1. How old should I be when I retire?
  2. Will I sell my home and move closer to relatives or to another destination?
  3. Did I want to take some time to travel?
  4. When I retire, what debt will I have, such as credit cards, car loans, or a mortgage?
  5. When I retire I will receive a lump sum. Should I take those funds and pay off my mortgage?
  6. Will I need to continue paying for my life insurance?
  7. Do I need long-term care insurance?
  8. How much money am I going to need when I retire?
  9. Do I want to go back to work after I retire?
  10. What will my end of year taxes look like after I retire?
  11. Will I receive my spouse’s social security?
ATRS, LLC.’s licensed and insured Retirement Advisors can assist you with these questions and any other questions that you might have.